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D&D: Goblins and……

The first perception our band of adventurers has is that of the smell of sulfur and cooking flesh. They each awake to find themselves in cages of metal barred construction, clothed only in rags. The sound of chanting comes from a cluster of tents nearby, partially hidden by the dark of night and the drifting smoke from a bonfire within the depth of the camp. Our band of heroes is set upon by goblins from the camp as they try to escape their cages, it is only through their valor and grim determination that they manage to smash, fight, slash, and sling spells until they are free of the evil goblins and stand victorious gazing at a huge metal chair with no markings on it. It is at this time that two of the party catch sight of a huge sized humanoid with darkly ominous yet angelically shaped wings upon its back. Standing in the chair two of the adventurers stand tall and without fear, whether this provokes the being to anger or simply is of no concern to the creature, we may never know for it flies behind a mountain peek towards a mysterious looking keep that appears to be at least several hundred years old in its decrepit condition and crumbling architecture. Our band of adventurers decide to take their wounded and head away from the keep, towards a small village in a valley where they hope to heal their wounds, and perhaps learn some answers to the many questions that they have on their collective minds. Who are they? How did they fall prey to the goblin camp, where are they from? And why are they here in this unfamiliar and unfriendly land?

The Wild Lands

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D&D: Blue Order Campaign- Session One Summary

In general summarization of all the chaotic fun we had saturday, here is the skinny version of what went on when our players found themselves in the town of Clearsprings on a sunny fall afternoon.

Our cast of soon to be Heroes has been summoned by courier to come to the local tavern and meet with an official of the Blue Order, a wizard order that has governed the region peaceably for roughly 60-80 years. The Heroes meet with a man named Leon Ap Llew who hands them a note and rushes off to some urgent business, requesting that they meet him in the span of fifteen minutes at the Tower Stables. The note is a record of each of the heroes great grandfather pledging themselves and their bloodline to be “Keepers of the Blue Order”. The players meet with Leon at the stables and learn that a High Holy Thurible (fancy incense burner) has been stolen, suspectedly by a nearby thieves guild at the behest of someone within the Blue Order. The group is tasked with getting the relic back within three days, when the high holy harvest celebration will occur. The group is given horses and departs for the town of Redstone right away (approx a 12 hour journey by horse) Shortly after dark the group comes upon a campfire with bedrolls around it and is set upon by four assassins, one of which flees after the very quick and somewhat brutal dispatching of his compatriots. Our band of heroes finds on the person of the leader of the would be assassins a note that says “Dont let them come back” and it is signed “Korvis” The group pockets the note and continues on for Redstone.


Arriving in Redstone just after dawn our band of adventurers sets about finding information pertaining to the thieves guild, and soon learn that there is a guild hall in the town and a cave some distance north of the town that is a known hangout for the guildmembers. The group after some short discussion decides to venture forth to the cave and, leaving their horses with a pigfarmer across the path, venture forth into their first cavern! It is an unremarkable and short journey. There is a large cavern deep in the cave, with hewn pillars and a doorway of utter darkness at the far end of the enormous cavern. By and by the group soon finds themselves on the other side of the doorway which was apparently some portal, for when they are pulled through, there is nothing but stone at their back and they find themselves standing amuck in a catacombs with dead thieves strewn about. Quickly gathering their wits, the Heroes venture deeper into the catacombs and soon find themselves stuck in a hallway of several traps. The less painful version of the next hour is that aside from a single near death, the cave in, the multitude of poison arrows hurtling into the passageway, and the near spilling of a large vat of acid, everyone is in the end pretty much okay, and none the worse for wear. The group has come now to a library with skeletons and a quick battle of smashing, poking, and the occasional miss, ends in victory for our now bolstered heroes. Climbing atop the library shelves that were hewn from the rock of the cavern itself an astute member of the group sees a wizard, wounded from battle in blue robes fleeing up a set of steps and out a door. Our fearless Paladin leaps into action and pursues the fleeing figure. Beyond the door is the exterior of a snowy mountainside high in a mountain range, the  Paladin confronts the wizardly looking fellow who confesses to being korvis. The Paladin recovers the relic from Korvis as Korvis tells him it is too late, they will never succeed; incanting a pyroblast, korvis detonates himself, throwing the Paladin off the side of the cliff. In a moment of austere heroism the Monk of the group is the first of the heroes through the mountainside door behind the paladin and sees this explosion transpire. She quickly throws her rope out through the air with a snap decision towards the paladin and yells for everyone to grab hold. In desperation the Paladin successfully grabs hold of the rope and smashes his body into the cliffside. Pulling him up onto the small outcropping and attached path that winds deeper into the mountain range, they survey the scene before them. It is snowing, and it looks like a blizzard is fast approaching. None of them are equipped with cold weather gear. They have no idea where they are, how they are to get home, and worse, it does not appear that they will succeed in getting the relic back to Leon within the allotted time before the Harvest festival. First comes survival, then they will worry about the relic and Leon. Only thing to do is push forward into the bleak wintery weather……

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